Typeware Manifest

    for the perfect input device is a comprehensive and ambitious vision for the future of human-computer interaction. It outlines essential principles and features that would indeed represent a significant leap forward in input device design. Here's a breakdown of our key principles:

    1. Real Keys with Springs, Clear Key-Pressed Threshold: Our prioritize tactile feedback and a distinct key-pressed threshold, ensuring a satisfying typing experience.
    2. The Same Performance as a Regular Mouse/Keyboard or Better: Our device aims to match or exceed the performance of traditional input devices, ensuring efficiency and precision.
    3. Hardly a Learning Curve, Full Qwerty Keyboard: We emphasize user-friendliness by maintaining a full Qwerty keyboard layout, making it easy for users to adapt.
    4. Not Based on Chords: Simplicity and intuitiveness are crucial, and we avoid complex chord-based input systems.
    5. Good Mouse Function: We prioritize precise mouse functionality to cover all pointing and clicking needs effectively.
    6. No Hand-Transfers Between Mouse and Keyboard: We eliminate the need for frequent hand transitions, promoting uninterrupted workflows.
    7. Light and Comfortable: Ergonomics and comfort are key, ensuring extended use without discomfort.
    8. Stable Fastening, While Easy to Put On/Off: Our device should remain firmly in place while being easy to attach and detach for convenience.
    9. Key Positions Aligned with Natural Finger Tip Positions: Keys are strategically placed to reduce finger strain and fatigue.
    10. Adjustable to Hand Dimensions: Customizability accommodates different hand sizes, enhancing the user experience.