A better, healthier future for computer users

Typeware One

The world's first wearable keyboard & mouse with a standard QWERTY layout and mechanical keys. Engineered for health, comfort and productivity⁠

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Re-imagine the keyboard

Imagine a keyboardless and mouseless desk. What a difference would this make? It may at first seem unrealistic, but Typeware has really made it. Still easy to use, no compromises. Break through these barriers!



How it works

QWERTY was introduced on typewriters 150 years ago and never went away. It may not be perfect but it has become the standard for all devices on all platforms.

Read how Typeware supports customizable keymaps with Querty as the default. One keypress per character, based on a combination of physical keys and hand tracking with Machine Learning.

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A healthy foundation is needed

Repetitive strain injury is far from gone, though new names like CANS and WRULD have been introduced. Current ergonomic devices have lead only to limited improvement, as they are still a result of compromises. That’s why Typeware goes for a fully wearable solution. Read the explanation of the benefits, applying expert criteria.

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  • "We're empowering people to create, with next generation computer interfaces"

    Laurens van de Laar, Founder and CEO


Uplift yourself

Rediscover freedom of movement and posture with Typeware, the only keyboard and mouse that gives you complete control of your body. Whether you're at the desk, on the move, or embracing life as a digital nomad.

The future of work


Adjust to your hands

We've reengineered the keyboard around the natural form of the body and hands. Total device mobility and per-finger button adjustment lets you put the buttons perfectly under your fingers and place your arms wherever you like.

Our technology

Typeware on Tour

Get your hands on a device

Typeware will give you a chance to really try out the device In H2 2024 . See if you can be up-to-speed in half an hour and become an enthusiast.

Visited area's: Europe, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, New York City, Philidelphia, Washingthon DC.

Typeware will visit company sites in case of sufficient interest. Also additional cities and regions may be considered on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Typeware differ from existing ergonomic keyboards?

Ergonomic keyboards offer many upgrades over the traditional keyboard: mechanical keys, split ortholinear layouts, layers, thumb clusters, and integrated mice ⁠— which improve comfort and performance, and also feature in the Typeware One. Yet even the best ergonomic keyboards to date, still bind you to the desk, heavily restrain your posture and withhold you from the vast range of natural and healthy movement.

Typeware is the world's first wearable ergonomic keyboard, bringing liberation of posture and freedom of movement on top of the best known ergonomic keyboard innovations. We believe this results in the most comprehensive ergonomic solution on the market.

When can I expect my device?

No hard date has been set but shipping is currently expected in Q4 2024. Items will be shipped in the order they are received with priority given to Early Bird Pre-orders.

How can I get involved or support the project?

1. Pre-order!
2. Join our community on Discord (and follow us on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
3. Subscribe to email updates.
4. Fill out our questionnaire.
5. For partnerships and investment, reach us at partnerships@typeware.nl.

And you can always reach out at info@typeware.nl.

Are the keyswitches customisable?

Unfortunately not right now. We would love to have customisable keyswitches, however only one mass manufactured keyswitch meets the requirements for a wearable device which needs lighter springs to feel like "normal" keys (there is more natural travel and never big arm muscles involved). That switch is the Kailh Low Profile Choc - Pro Pink (20g) Linear. In fact, we've even lowered the force further to 15g with custom springs.

Unfortunately, we haven't easily been able to get Tactile or Clicky switches with appropriately low spring forces, but this is something we are interested to develop in future and make available for upgrade.

Why not a glove?

Typeware is designed to be maximally familiar to existing keyboard users, which means tactile buttons, which currently cannot be reliably simulated with gloves. There are many additional drawbacks and limitations of glove-like input devices such as difficulty cleaning that we won't cover here.

Why has such a device not been invented before?

Though there have been previous attempts to build a wearable keyboard, they all had huge learning curves (due to quirky layouts or abnormal hand positioning or both) that prevented them from mass adoption.

Additionally 3D printing technology has only recently reached a maturity to allow for rapid functional prototype iteration. This has turned out to be indispensable for a deceptively difficult job of engineering the ergonomic correctly.

Further, Typeware has achieved several technological breakthroughs, based on advancements in sensor technology