Future of work

Over time, there have been different events influencing how we work. Around the millennium, RSI has shown to be a big problem. Since then awareness has improved and the number of extreme cases has decreased. Currently, the problem still exists, but the status quo is more or less accepted. Covid 19 has been another such event. Remote working has become much more accepted, and the new ways are being integrated into the old way of working. Expectedly, technical advancement in the Extended Reality technology (AR+VR), driven by other sectors, will more and more influence the workplace.

This all will effect how we work, where and with whom we work. Typeware is having a crucial role in this while the future unfolds.

Bring your own ergonomics

Fixed office location are becoming the exception rather than the standard. People working remote, hybrid and/or from multiple project oriented locations in the same office. Responsibility for ergonomics becomes more blurry. Best is to always take care yourself.

  • Project teams working together

  • Digital Nomads

    (Ref: Surf Riders Fuertaventura)

  • Coworking locations

    (Ref: Coworking space in Rotterdam)

  • Working in odd places

New ways to collaborate

People like to make the best of their time. When you get up from your desk, traditional ways to interact with your computer become very limited

Presenting makes it impossible to provide input back into the computer. Traditionally, a second person is making notes. With the Typeware device, you maintain full pc access: you can even update a presentation on the spot.

An increased level of interaction during meetings is becoming normal. Especially with hybrid working, attendees have become active: they are both spectators and contributing to the meeting chat.

Another example of how Typeware can help change how we collaborate: working together on one computer typically leads to two people fighting for space at the desk. Either one person being passive, or passing mouse and keyboard back and forth.

With the Typeware device working as a typing remote, people can comfortly work togethor at the same screen, whether sitting or standing

How future proof is the laptop?

The biggest benefit of a laptop is it's portability. It creates a minimalistic workplace with a display, mouse and keyboard. But, looking at the future: is this really the best we can do?

  • Cycling is healthy. Being a cycling journalist too?

  • How relaxing for neck and shoulders? (ref: PosturePeople.co.uk)

  • XR with laptop keyboard?

  • Self driving car with laptop keyboard?

Extended Reality (XR)

XR leads to new immersive 3D experience for Metaverse, Spatial Web. This is what Big Tech is currently focusing on. Also, XR displays will become the dominant classic 2D display over the laptop and tablet thanks to it's large view, small footprint, and portability. It is possible to run a full operating system on the XR display.

Providing a good interface for computer interaction here has much less the focus of Big Tech, especially when targeting designers, engineers and other power users. Typeware is filling that void.

People are currently pioneering with XR glasses, also for the more classic use. For instance Andrew Ethan Zhen: "I Used Smart AR Glasses with a Laptop for 1 Month". Already using this as the main display without falling back to classic tools.