Typeware, with the headquarter in Eindhoven, is a Netherlands based startup.

Typeware is mostly privately funded. We are very grateful for the Dutch government for granting us subsidies, showing their faith in the direction that our company is going.

"We believe that it is important that engineers, designers and everybody else who makes intensive use of a computer finally gets a solution that matches technological progress of this era. We are specifically targeting this group of people, seeing that the solutions for the masses are often not sufficient and they are not exploring the fact that most of them master 10 finger typing at an excellent level. We see that an unhealthy workplace, fear of RSI, can even be a reason for people to choose a different profession. Looking at the direction that the world is heading, with us all spending huge amounts of time with a computer, there is a growing need for more healthy solutions."

Laurens van de Laar (CEO and founder)